Mystic Misfit Oracle Deck- 3rd edition

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Mystic Misfits Oracle deck- 3rd- Edition
This oracle deck contains 31 cards total featuring the creepy cute gothic art of White stag. Influenced by nature, tarot, runic, artistic and astrological inspirations. Cards measure 2.75" x 4.75" The size of standard tarot cards. This dark and sweet little oracle set comes with:
- drawstring bag (style may vary)
- booklet containing card meanings and words to reflect
- 31 Oracle cards featuring creepy cute dark fantasy art
- Box for the card deck
- Sticker featuring art from the oracle deck.

Decks come beautifully hand-wrapped with a wax seal featuring the runes for Mystic Misfits.
Artwork on the card back featuring a Stag Skull and runes in glossy black.

*New features of the oracle deck compared to 2nd Edition:*
-The oracle deck now includes a box with a soft touch black matte finish with glossy black details.
-3 Variant cards have been added to the deck and book: The Pumpkin, The Fairy, and the Devil.
-New artwork for the Pumpkin, The Witch, The Potion, The Seer, and the Unicorn
-Updated/edited artwork for The Fortune with minor edits to other cards.
-This deck has the Star and Moon Variant cards replacing their counterparts from edition 2.
-Cards are laminated in scratch resistant matte finish.
-Glossy black printing on the backs .
- Booklet has rounded corners and soft touch matte lamination with wider spiral binding for easy of flipping.

Each Deck bundle is assembled hand wrapped, tied sealed with wax by, Stag, Herself. Card decks and boxes are factory printed with a manufacturing partner. Booklets are cut and bound in House in the lair of stag.