Enchanted Forest note book

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Spooky and cute cottage core, these handcrafted notebook/ sketchbooks feature a mandrake with ferns, leaves, and mushrooms. Books are staple bound with 21 sheets/ 42 pages (84 counting both sides of paper) with white paper or black.
Two size options to choose from.
Large Notebook measures approximately 5.25" by 8.25"
Small Notebook measures approximately 4" by 5.25"
First title page features a Mandrake in the corner. The rest of the pages are blank. Cover is laminated on the outside with new magical sparkling sugar frosted finish and fear not it does not shed sparkles, it just glitters in the right light and looks matte in low light.

This dark and magical hand crafted Creepy cute goth notebook was conjured straight from the lair of White Stag.