Introducing... Paper Haunt Stationery & Co. 

Introducing Paper Haunt, an extension of the Artist White Stag's stationery line. This new brand will offer a variety of unique stationery items and other fancy goods, creating a separate entity from the design aspects of White Stag while still delving into the Creepy cute  and gothic inspirations of the brand.

As we continue rebranding, please excuse our dust as we make changes slowly over the next year. Though we are a small family-run business, we have grand plans for the future!

  • Our new brand, Paper Haunt, will offer a wider range of stationery items and unique fancy goods that are not currently available through Artist White Stag.
  • By separating the Design of Paper Haunt from the Art aspects of White Stag, we can create a more focused and streamlined brand experience for our customers.
  • Our rebranding will be a slow process over the next year as we make changes to our website, product offerings, and overall brand identity.
  • As a small family-run business, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.
  • We have big plans for the future of Paper Haunt, and we are excited to share our journey with you. Stay tuned for updates and new product releases!

A Letter From Stag...

"I'm very passionate about creating things in any form and It's been humbling watching the love people have for my stationery Designs. I started sharing these creations in my art account since the beginning and felt like it started drowning out what I was... an artist. It also gave me a lot of hesitation in bringing out paperclips with the design elements minimal they Felt removed from the art... But, I really wanted to have them as compliments to the brand.

I feel like it's about time to separate the brand a bit and plan for the future. "