Pastel Ghoul Release

Pastel Ghoul Release


The Pastel Ghoul release drops a lot of color into the stationery shop Featuring stickers, prints, washi, sticky notes and more depicting pastel goth zombie girls and other spooky things.

Some highlights from the shop update below.

Cute Pastel Zombie girl postcard art print set.

Pastel ghoul creepy cute zombie girl art print post card set.

Apocalypse unicorn zombie art postcard print set.

Undead zombie unicorn 4 horse men pastel goth art print set.

Translucent sticky notes available in both pink and purple. 

Pastel transparent sticky notes.

Stitches pastel goth zombie themed sticky notes.

Stitches zombie pastel goth sticky note.

Stitches cute zombie pastel washi tape.

Stitches zombie pastel goth washi tape.

Creepy cute pink bones sticker pack.

Creepy Cute pastel pink bones sticker pack.
Creepy cute pastel teeth sticker pack. 
Creepy cute Pastel goth teeth sticker pack.
Pastel bones planner sticker sheet.

Creepy cute pastel goth bone planner sticker sheet

Pastel cakes zombie planner sticker sheet.Zombie cake planner sticker sheet pastel goth stickers.

Holo spider web washi card bookmark.

Holographic spider web washi card bookmark.

The first official launch of products for the new branding of Paper Haunt Stationery & Co. an expansion of Stag's art to incorporate even more stationery goods and potentially another artist. 

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