☽ ★ The Aliens Have Landed... ★ ☾

☽ ★ The Aliens Have Landed... ★ ☾

The concept of this new alien series was an easy progression as they were drawn. The initial drawings for the series came from inktober ACEO ideas. I thought about adding a third eye in the beginning and figured I would go a more metaphysical route. With concepts from ancient astronaut theorists it helped formed some little telekinetic alien witches. 

I knew crystals would play a pretty strong role in this series conceptualized mostly in part thinking about Moldavite which is considered to be a powerful stone with other-worldly properties. It in fact is not from Earth but resulted from a meteorite. So still playing with the third eye idea I slapped a crystal there in their foreheads to represent it and to be I'd imagine an amplifier of sorts. 

The four eyes were a result of Halloween ghostly drawings and I clearly wasn't done with the little droop eyes. They ended up being a quick fix to a dilemma I could not settle due tot he third eye crystal debacle because they both seemed like good ideas. 

Over all I'm happy with the way the series ended and I look forward to exploring other races and painting more cosmic witches as well in the future.



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