Coffin Book Shelf STICKER

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Black and White coffin shaped book shelf stickers available in two designs, Small and large.
Finish: Sparkling
Haunt your laptop, journal or crypt with this haunting coffin book shelf sticker. Spooky cute goth adornment with an easy peel backing, perfect gift for Halloween and book lovers. Logo is not part of sticker but the backing.
These stickers come laminated in SPARKLING "sugar frosted" finish. Held in the right light the sticker looks almost matte with a slight texture or it sparkles like glitter.... But fear not they do not shed glitter but look amazing like glistening little stars.

Unveil the allure of the dark with our Gothic Coffin-Shaped Bookshelf Sticker, now available in small or large designs. Crafted in the iconic shape of a coffin, this sticker transforms any surface into a portal to the shadows.

Adorned with intricate bookshelf designs inspired by Gothic aesthetics, each sticker exudes an air of mystery and elegance. Whether you choose the petite size for subtle accents or opt for the grandeur of the larger design, this sticker invites you to embrace the beauty of the macabre.

Perfect for decorating laptops, notebooks, or any space longing for a touch of Gothic charm, our coffin-shaped bookshelf sticker is a must-have for enthusiasts of dark aesthetics and literary adventures. Let your imagination roam freely as you bring a piece of Gothic enchantment into your world. 📚🖤✨
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