Coffin Bookshelf Notepad

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This spooky cute Goth coffin-shaped notepad is the perfect addition to your gothic stationery collection. Featuring a coffin bookshelf with 5 boxes to write in. Organize your day, consolidate your thoughts and musings or just keep it as a cute and deviously dark desk-mate.
Size: 8.25 Inches tall
Notepad Includes 50 pages
Introducing our coffin-shaped bookshelf notepad, where eerie meets elegance in the realm of stationery. With its unique design reminiscent of a gothic bookshelf, this notepad adds a touch of dark charm to your workspace or home decor. Each page is a portal to your imagination, ready to capture your thoughts, lists, and creative sparks. Whether you're a lover of literature, a collector of secrets, or simply seeking to infuse your space with a dash of the macabre, our coffin-shaped bookshelf notepad is the perfect companion for your journey into the shadows. Display it proudly among your other treasures and let its haunting allure inspire your next adventure in writing.
Art by Stag. Check our other listings for more spooky and cute goth stationery, stickers and art.