Mermaid's Lair STICKER sheet Collection

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The Mermaid's Lair planner sticker sheet collection features a plethora of creepy cute Mermaids, tentacles, coral, seaweed, sea shells, fish, fish bones and more. Spooky and cute this nautical sticker bundle will haunt your planner, journal or stationery with a splash of sweet macabre. If standard mermaid themes aren't really your thing, and you prefer more of a goth gloom to your planner space, this set is for you. If not, caution... Thar be Skulls, bones, and even a ghost. 

Bundle of 18 Sticker sheets. (The Entire Collection)
5 x 4.5 x 7 Inch sticker sheets
10 x 3.5 x  4.5 Inch sticker sheets
3 x 3 x 7 Inch sticker sheet

Bundle includes: 
- Coral Arch planner boxes
- Tentacles
- Jelly Bones
- Fishbones
- Coral
- Shell Numbers
- Shell Blank
- Jelly Fish
- Sea Floor
- Terrible Fish
- Fishies (Clear)
- Bubble Elements
- Bubbles
- Seaweed
- Seaweed (Clear)
- Coral Planner Box
- Mermaids
- Tentacle planner Box

All sticker sheets are available individually as well. Make sure to check out the other listings if you need more details on the individual sheets.