Tombstone Ghost Sticker

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Size: 3.5 Inch at its longest point.
Finish: Sparkling
Introducing our Spooky Cute Ghost with Tombstone Sticker! This adorable sticker features a whimsical ghost sitting atop a tombstone, adding a touch of mischief to any object it adorns. Measuring at a perfect 3.5 inches, this sticker is designed for easy application with its handy peel tab, ensuring a hassle-free experience. What makes this sticker truly special is its SPARKLING "sugar frosted" finish, which adds a mesmerizing touch to the design. When held in the right light, it transforms, almost appearing matte with a subtle texture, or sparkling like glitter. Don't worry though, these stickers won't leave a trail of glitter behind. Instead, they create a stunning effect, akin to glistening little stars. Add a whimsical and spooky touch to your belongings with this enchanting ghost with tombstone sticker!