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Happy Halloween! Tricks N Treats. Misprints, Misfits, mis-cuts, b-grade, overstock, discontinued, slightly damaged merch or things retiring soon...

What happens to all the Misfits? Typically, they hide in a pile out mind and sight in the darkest corners of the lair. These bags are crammed with Rejects, things I wouldn't normally sell outright, but are still worthy of use and not waste. Notepads missing the front page, or their back cover, stickers cut a tad too deep or slightly off. Colors not quite right? Over stocked? Deflated candy shaker charm keychains... There are soo many reasons some things made it into the bags. Some items have been discontinued and more stock was later found...instead of being relisted it went to the pile. Some items may have minor issues or no issues at all... Because I may have also added some merch off the shelves as well... 

We can't guarantee you won't get duplicates If you get multiple bags as they are all ready packaged and meant to be mysteries at a big discount. And some items may have been abundant and put in many bags. Bag are extremely limited.

Small bag contains Around $50 in merch with smaller notepads and other merch.
Large bags contain Around $100 in merch with a mixture of both small and large notepads and other merch.