Vampire Coffin bookmark

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Spooky and cute, this pastel goth vampire girl bookmark will haunt your book and hold your place in it's unique coffin-shape. Handcrafted, this bookmark is laminated on both sides, with sugar frosted magical sparkle lamination on the front (fear not it does not shed any glitter, and looks matte under low light) and soft touch matte on the back. Adorned with a tassel or without, this cute pastel goth vampire bookmark makes a great gift for your favorite spooky book lover.

Size: Approximately 6 inches tall.
Finish: Sugar frosted sparkle.

Introducing our Pink Coffin Shaped Bookmark, a charming accessory that adds a touch of whimsy to your reading adventures. Crafted in the shape of a coffin and adorned with a cute vampire nestled within, this bookmark is both practical and adorable.

Let this delightful accessory keep your place in your favorite books while adding a playful twist to your reading experience. Whether you're delving into tales of darkness or exploring whimsical worlds, this coffin-shaped bookmark is the perfect companion.

Embrace the charm of the macabre with our Pink Coffin Shaped Bookmark, where cute meets creepy in the most delightful way. Let your imagination soar as you dive into your next literary journey, with a charming vampire by your side. 📚🧛‍♂️💖

Handcrafted here in the lair of Stag. Art by artist, White Stag.