Vampire's Crypt Notepad

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The Vampire's Crypt castle window notepad with pops of pink, torches and candles is a perfect addition to your gothic stationery collection. This pastel goth notepad is inspired by dungeons, vampires and castles in a sweet limited palette of pinks, black and white.
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches
Notepad Includes 50 pages

Introducing our Pink Vampire Castle Window Notepad, a bewitching blend of elegance and intrigue inspired by ancient dungeons and majestic castles. With its captivating design, this notepad transports you to a world of gothic enchantment every time you put pen to paper.

Immerse yourself in the shadows of history as you gaze through the window of this castle-inspired notepad. Each of the 50 pages is a portal to your imagination, ready to capture your thoughts, dreams, and daily musings.

Whether you're a vampire aficionado, a lover of medieval lore, or simply drawn to the mystique of ancient architecture, this notepad is sure to enchant. Embrace the darkness in style and let your creativity soar within the confines of this Pink Vampire Castle Window Notepad. 🏰🦇🖤
Art by Stag. Check our other listings for more spooky and cute goth stationery, stickers and art.