Creepers and Haunts Enamel pins on Kickstarter

Creepers and Haunts Enamel pins on Kickstarter
Creepers and haunts enamel pin kickstarter
Hey guys! It seems I only write a blog post when I'm doing a kickstarter... I assume no one reads these things. 
Yesterday I just launched my third kickstarter this time around I am having Enamel pins made featuring my creepers and haunts consisting of vampires, ghosts and more. These spooky pins will be soft enamel and ranging from 1.75"-2".
There are currently three pins unlocked for the start and we are now at half funding! Currently unlocked are The Ember Witch, The Creeper and Mourning brew. As the campaign gets more funds more pins will be unlocked.
There are several add on rewards as well including Original graphite drawings.
Check out the Kickstarter HERE
original graphite sketchesoriginal graphite sketchesoriginal graphite drawings
Fabric patches
Creepers and haunts sticker set
Art print set
original graphite drawings


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