Making my 2nd Edition Mystic Misfits Oracle Deck.

Making my 2nd Edition Mystic Misfits Oracle Deck.


Last year I launched my first oracle deck. It was a huge project and I ultimately screen printed them.  I thought it created a nice eclectic feel to the deck. This year I just wasn't able to print anymore due to health reasons and the amount of work it took for each deck.... The screens have been destroyed the rest left from the run are limited. 

I wanted to revamp the deck and take them else where to get printed from an actual playing card company. And I and amazed at the results. I love this deck even more then the first.

mystic misfits oracle deck

I wanted to edit some cards I was no longer content with and re imagine others... Plus I added six more cards to the deck for a total of 28.

mystic misfits gothic oracle deck

An issue I ran into with screen printing the decks was card backs. Only the original kickstarter backs for the original decks had card back designs. I didnt have a set up to accurately line up the sheets of screen prints..... So each card was printed on the back individually. With the new decks I was able to do a much more complex design. I also decided to have the booklets sprinted as well. 

mystic misfits gothic oracle deck packaging

The packaging got a fresh new look too. I was always considering the wax seals with the first deck but finally took the plunge 2nd deck around. I also updated the bags from velvet to satin. 

mystic misfits oracle deck

This oracle deck took ideas from all over the place from Tarot, Astrology and Runic inspirations and artistic translations. Each card had a descriptive sentence that described the  character with keywords of influence. In the original booklet I had left blank pages if the diviner so decided to add to the meanings to find their own meanings. I kept this trait in the new booklet and left some blank space. 

mystic misfits oracle deck

It's been great to see a huge project come to life again and I look forward to possibly making other decks in the future. 

You can now find the New oracle HERE. 

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