The Graveyard Haunts Collection.

The Graveyard Haunts Collection.

Paper Haunt's Graveyard Haunt's Collection has dropped in the recent 'Haunted' release. This gothic collection includes new planner notepads, die cut stickers and planner stickers. Inspired by a haunted graveyard, Tombstones, wrought iron fences, and ghosts haunt this drop.

Here are some of the new items that dropped.

The older Graveyard Haunts planner notepads have recently got an update and are now better than ever. With plenty of space to keep track of your day, week or month. Available with a checklist for the daily planner and tombstones boxes to write in as well. 

Graveyard haunts cute goth ghost planner notepads.

Clear matte iron fence planner sticker elements to haunt your pages.

Wrought iron fence border gothic planner sticker sheet.

Spooky cute ghost girl planner sticker sheet.

Cute ghost girl goth planner sticker sheet.

Clear matter graveyard silhouette planner stickers feature tombstones.

Graveyard silhouette gothic planner sticker sheet.

Itty Bitty ghost planner sticker sheet are tiny and adorable.

Cute tiny ghost goth planner stickers.

Tombstone checklist planner stickers. Add a little planner box with a checklist to your journal to help keep track of your tasks.

Tombstone gothic planner sticker sheet checklist.

Ghost pile bookmark.

Cute Ghost pile totem bookmark gothic stationery.

New ghost girl die cut stickers have our sugar frosted sparkling finish and easy peel tabs.

Creepy cute ghost girl sticker.

Spooky cute gothic ghost girl sticker.

Cute goth ghost girl die cut sticker.

New multi charm ghost keychain. Little haunts to clip to a bag, purse or keyring.

Multi-charm cute ghost goth keychain.


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