The 'Iscream' Shop collection.

The 'Iscream' Shop collection.

Here at Paper Haunt things have gotten a little sweeter, the Iscream shop release has launched and features a medley of ghosts and ice cream. This collection takes the cute foods theme and turns it a little spooky with bright pastels the ice cream shop is haunted but equally as sweet. From banshee girl serving sundaes, and haunted ice cream that will eat itself, because, they taste delicious...

This release was part of the Haunted shop update and includes tons of planner stickers, die cute stickers, washi tape, sticky notes, bookmarks and even some pins.

Here are some Highlights from the recent release.

Pastel Ice cream cone planner stickers.


Cute pastel ice cream cone planner stickers are writeable and perfect for keeping the date in your planner.

Pastel sprinkle and sparkle planner sticker sheets.

Pastel sprinkles and sparkles to scatter across your planner pages, these planner stickers can help add a little sweetness to journaling.

Creepy cute food planner ice ream ghost planner stickers.

ICE CREAM GHOSTS! The are the spookiest and cutest.  These spooky cute planner stickers feature an array of ice cream ghost sundaes and cones. 

Ice cream banshee ghost girl planner sticker sheet.

Featuring ice cream banshee sticker sheet features one of Stag's banshee girls in pastel with a floating head and she's serving an ice cream shake. This planner sticker sheets has a medley of spooky cute ice scream treat stickers, a skull sundae, bones, spiders, plus it has a floating head....

Pastel sprinkle drip ice cream planner stickers.

Pastel sprinkle drip planner sticker sheets are available in both pink and purple variant.

Ice cream banshee die cut spooky cute pastel ghost girl sticker.

The Ice cream banshee die cut sticker features a ghost girl serving a milkshake.

Sprinkle drip ice cream pastel sticky notes.

Pastel sprinkle drip sticky note memo pads. 

Pastel cute sprinkle Washi tape.

Pastel sprinkle washi tapes available in blue or vanilla.

Ice cream ghost die cute spooky cute pastel sticker.

Ice cream ghost cone die cut sticker.

Ice cream ghost sundae creepy cute pastel sticker.

Ice cream ghost sundae die cut sticker. The cute ghost offers you a taste of his sweet head cream.

Ice cream ghost spooky cute pastel bookmark.

The ice cream Ghost Bookmark.


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