The Vampire's Crypt shop update.

Creepy cute pastel goth vampire bat juice box sticker.

Stationery, stickers and art inspired by a vampire's Dungeon or castle crypt with pops of pastel pink. By Artist, White Stag. This mega release includes new Coffin shaped notepads, a new themed pastel goth vampire planner sticker collection, washi tape, bat shaped paper clips and all new red and black coffin shaped paperclips. Haunt your planner with these new creeps. 🦇 🧛‍♀️

Vampire's crypt spooky stationery release preview


Castle Window Notepad.

Spooky cute vampire's castle dungeon themed window notepad.

The Blood Sugar soda can sticker has recently had a face lift. 

Pastel goth creepy cute vampire soda can sticker.

Vampire in a coffin sticker.

Pastel goth cute vampire girl in a coffin sticker.
New coffin- shaped bookmarks, available with or without tassels. 
Creepy cute gothic coffin shaped bookshelf bookmark.
Coffin shaped Bookshelf Notepad.
Creepy cute gothic coffin shaped bookshelf notepad.
Clear stained glass window stickers. 
Gothic stained glass clear window planner stickers.
Fun Fact: While all Stickers and designs were created by Stag, herself, there was collaboration with the logo design for the release. Designed by Stag's own daughter a member of the Co. in Paper Haunt Stationery & Co. 
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