The oracle is now LIVE on Kickstarter.

The oracle is now LIVE on Kickstarter.

I can't believe it's finally up and done. Within 24 hours fully funded! I have always avoided kickstarter with fear of failing but it's a  huge pressure off my chest to finally have it done and over with(even though the journey has just begun). I have been working on this deck for an eternity it seems and still am, actually. I'm still finalizing images and making sure they are optimized for the printing procedure. 

Initially I hadn't decided on my mode of printing a couple were just too detailed for screen printing small. Though the sample print of what I consider my problem child was for the most part successful the moon card needs a lot of work yet. I am also considering adding more cards as the kickstarter progresses. 

I am so happy I choose screen printing for means of creating the deck. Though its so much more hands on and will be crazy until a larger run of them is done here in studio, the look and feel are amazing. It's not just some kind of mass produced deck from overseas. I wanted a thoughtful deck of things that inspired me as well as utilizing inspirations from tarot, runes and astrology. I wanted something I could stand behind and put my name on with pride to represent me and my brand. 

There is still much more work on my end to be done... I have a book design in mind for the companion booklet if done correctly will be fairly unique and compliment the deck. unfortunately some aspects of the project are a little low key due to still being in early stages of testing and production. (book and bag) 

The bag will also have artwork which is still being designed at the moment. I want the bags to compliment the set. I have a basic idea of where it is going and part of it is done but I need to play with it a bit.

I look forward to posting more updates as the project continues!

You can preorder the coloring book, snag some prints at a crazy good price, there are button packs and fabric patches there are many rewards other then just the oracle. The oracle itself contains at this point in time 20 mini screen printed cards. 

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